Official GMAT iPhone/iPad App: Review, part 2

In our earlier review, Ajani gave his impressions of the program using it on an iPhone 3G. This review will be done on a sweet 1 month old iPad version 2. I’m only a minor technophile so I don’t know all the iPad’s specs except it’s got the most memory of all the models. I also have to thank Joanna Graham and the lovely people at GMAC for “the hook-up” on the app.

First Impressions: In keeping with many iPad apps it’s a great looking program with limited advantages over existing products.

The Good: Cool interface. Great integration with Nice social/gaming features.

The Bad: Disappointing lack of new questions and lack of adaptivity. Somewhat pricy.

Detailed review:

If you’re still reading, you probably are planning to buy the app. I’ll try here to give you a few more details about it, as well as what I liked and didn’t like.


The interface was pretty flawless and all screens loaded basically without delay and with a nice click slide left transition. Answering questions was easy and navigating around the application was fairly clear, except for when you switched from Study Mode to Exam Mode (it took me about 4 times before I saw the indication that the mode had switched). Given that the GMAT is on computer, I think this is the one standardized test practice application that really makes sense. This allows you to simulate the format of the real exam a bit more than with the paper version of the 12th edition would. Its smooth interface makes it easy to use and nice to look at. Keep in mind that the interface here is not the same as that of the official test – if you want that experience you will still have to use GMATPrep.


There are several features that are a nice addition to the program: difficulty rating of questions sets (though I wasn’t given any context for what the number given meant), timing, ranking my performance with other app users, and ability to purchase just the question types you want more work on.


All I can say is “Oh please oh please Larry, Joanna, Dave, Sacha, and all the fun folks at GMAC, can we have some new questions?” I know the title tells us this was the 12th edition on iPad, but I was hoping that the app would at least give us access to the GMATFocus pool of questions, which is more recent, robust, and challenging.


Given the requirement of paying for each set of 250 questions in order to get the same number of questions you would with the OG12 you’d end up paying as much or more than you would if you bought a copy of the OG12 online (for example we sell it for $28.95).

Final analysis

Buy it only if you have not used the Official Guide for GMAT Review 12th edition, as this app is just the 12th edition on iPad/iPod/iPhone. Don’t expect more and you won’t be disappointed.

You can check out the GMAC video of the product here: Official GMAC App Demo

When/If you’ve downloaded the app please let us know what you think by adding comments below.

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